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Foreign job racket busted

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One tout held

Bidar police have busted a ring of touts sending unemployed young people, promising them jobs, overseas. A team of officials arrested Sanjay Hegde, an agent from Kitta village, in this connection. He was working through M. Rafiqe based in Mangalore. These agents however, obtained tourist visas for the job seekers but lied to them that they were getting work visas.

They began working on this trail after a complaint from Digambar Patil, a farmer from Chalkapurwadi village in Bhalki taluk. Mr. Patil told Superintendent of Police Sudhir Kumar Reddy that his brother Dattatri Patil had been jailed in Malaysia for staying without a proper visa and other documents.

“We began working on two levels. I contacted my batch mates from the Indian Foreign Service and other friends to get in touch with Malaysian authorities. We also began tracking the agents,” Mr. Reddy said.

Police contacted families of some other youth who had gone outside to work. They found out that the agent had sent scores of youth from Bidar to various countries including Malaysia. He was arrested soon. Police say they had information about other such agents operating in Bidar and surrounding areas and they would be arrested soon. Meanwhile, officials contacted their counterparts in the Malaysian government. “They demanded a letter and some documents to prove Dattatri’s credentials and we sent them. They assured to consider repatriation of the victim,” a senior officer said.

“We learnt that all agents followed the same procedure. They would sent these youth on tourist visas and promise that their contact in that country would meet them once they arrived. The ‘contact’ would take away their passports and other documents like education certificates. These people effectively became bonded labourers working without any valid documents. Once the host country’s government came to know about it, they would be arrested as they did not even have passports,’’ a member of the investing team said.

Patil’s family members say the young man is safe and healthy. “We approached MP Bhagwanth Khuba with a request. He spoke to the External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj, and assured us that Dattatri will return to India in one or two days,” Digambar Patil, the victim’s brother, said.

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Showcasing the youth power

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Water sources and heritage sites in Bidar are no more neglected, thanks to an increased awareness among the people of the city. A visit to the public well at Ramachandra Nagar, which was contaminated due to open defecation and waste disposal until a few months ago, will give you an idea.

The residents now know the consequences of using polluted water and keep a constant watch. Other wells scattered across Bidar are also assessed for their water level and quality, and efforts are on to ensure necessary treatment. All these activities are anchored by Team Yuva, an association of the city’s youth, that is striving to build a proactive society.

It all started three years ago when Vinay Malge, a member of the Team, realised the need for improving the communication skills of the youth of the region. He teamed up with like-minded friends and decided to guide and empower youngsters by giving them proper exposure and training. The Team, which consists of people from different professional, social and economical backgrounds, was launched on December 2, 2012.

Now, the Team has over 60 members of whom 25 reside in Bidar and get involved in day-to-day activities, while others who live in different cities support the cause in their own way. Some promote the efforts through social networking, while others support by sharing their knowledge and experience. Influenced by the Team’s activities, a large number of college students participate in its activities as volunteers.

The Team believes in being apolitical in nature and stresses majorly on social work. It has been conducting workshops for rural students of Bidar, Aurad and Bhalki taluks to help them get good results in the SSLC exam. It also organises programmes to create awareness on the harmful effects of open defecation and the need to maintain clean surroundings.

The members are also making people aware of Bidar’s historical significance and the city’s potential to grow as a tourism centre. “Heritage monuments are the strength of Bidar and their conservation would have a positive impact on the social and economic status of the city. We are working towards developing a model tourism destination, where all stakeholders sustain and prosper,” says Vinay. They have initiated a cleaning drive at many historical places of the city. They have also collaborated with the Archaeological
Survey of India to convey the significance of these monuments to localites and tourists. One of their initiatives is to conduct heritage walks for the public and the school children, to enable them to appreciate and protect the city’s rich culture and architecture.

Team Yuva is also a big supporter of the district administration’s effort to revive the ancient karez system, a tunnel-shaped underground water supply set-up, which taps into natural springs and supplies water to man-made water reserves. Acknowledging the Team’s efforts, the district administration has assigned it the task of monitoring the revival work. They are conducting heritage walks along the karez to help people explore this unique system of underground waterways. “Geologist Govindan Kutty has been guiding us in this effort,” acknowledges the Team.

Team Yuva has shown a constructive way of utilising the youth power in achieving a benevolent goal. It can be reached at

Chandrakanth Masani
(Translated by Anitha Pailoor)

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Five killed in Nanded Express accident near Anantapur

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August 24, 2015

The mangled remains of a coach of the Bangalore-Nanded Express which rammed into a lorry in Anatapur district on Monday morning. Six, including a Karnataka MLA, died in the accident.

Special ArrangementThe Bangalore-Nanded Express collided with a lorry early Monday morning resulting in derailment of four coaches.

One of the deceased is an MLA from Karnataka who was travelling to his constituency from Bengaluru.

Five people died in a freak accident near Madakasira Railway Gate 14 k.m. from Penugonda in the district when a truck carrying a granite boulder rammed into the Nanded bound Bangalore-Nanded express train at around 2:30 AM today.

Speaking to The Hindu, the Anantapur superintendent of Police, S.V. Rajasekhar Babu, who along with the district collector Kona Sasidhar reached the accident spot, said that the brakes of the truck carrying the granite boulder, weighing several tonnes, had failed leading it to ram into the S1 coach of the Bangalore - Nanded express.

While five including the truck's cleaner, who is yet to be identified, have been pronounced dead by doctors at the Hindupur government general hospital, more than 30, mostly from the S1 coach were injured. Five out of them belonging to the same coach were learnt to have sustained severe injuries and have since been sent to Bengaluru for better treatment.

One of deceased have been identified as Venkatesh Naik, the legislator from Devadurga Assembly constituency of Raichur district in Karnataka, who was travelling to his constituency from Bengaluru.

Party workers pay last respects to Venkatesh Naik

The other deceased identified, as of now, are Sayyad Ahmed, a railway technician from Karnataka; Pulla Rao, a farmer from Richard district of Karnataka; VST Raju, general manager of a private company in Bengaluru. One more deceased remains to be conclusively identified, said the railway police, speaking toThe Hindu.

Following are the official Helpline numbers:

Bangalore City Railway Station 080 22354108, 09731666751, 080 22156553
Bangalore Cantonment 080 2333 9163, 58885
Hindupur Station 08556220444
Penukonda Station 0855220244
accident spot 09701374062, 09493548005, 09448090399, 00873-763945549.
South Central Railway Anantapur :- 09100992941, 09676903449; 08554-236444, Dharmavaram: - 08559-222555, Guntakal:- 09676903466, Yadgir:- 078999300084; 08473250365, Tandur:- 08411-272010, Vikarabad:- 08416-252013 , Bidar:- 08482-226329, Parli:-02446-222008, Nanded:- 09730471077

“The boulder got deposited onto the S1 coach which has been the most damaged and accounted for all deaths until now except one, the truck's cleaner,” said Mr Rajasekhar Babu.

The lorry broke the closed gate at a manned level crossing between Rengapalli and Penukonda station in Anantapur district and rammed into the Banglore-Nanded Express (Train no: 16594) due to negligence of the lorry driver. It resulted in derailment of four coaches, said Railway Ministry spokesperson.

Of the injured those brought to Bengaluru include Suresh, a contract employee who distributes bedrolls, who has two fractures in his leg. Mr. Jagmohan Gupta and wife who sustained minor injuries and were treated. "Track restoration work has already started. We will post updates once it is completed," said Sanjiv Agarwal, Divisional Railway Manager, South Western Railway.

Meanwhile, several trains - Rajdhani express, Bidar express and Sholapur express - have been stopped in their tracks and various places in the district while several others are being diverted through Pakala line from Guntakal junction.

The railway authorities have opened up helpline numbers - 08555-220249, 08559-222555 and 08554-236444 - even as they said that more than 20 of the injured were declared to be out of danger by doctors at Hindupur. The condition of five more is learnt to be stable.

Meanwhile, Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu tweeted offering condolences to families of the deceased:

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